Logan Misuraca has devoted her racing journey to not only exceed expecations but to become a world renowned success. Being a woman in a male dominated sport is difficult, that is where Logan’s passion pushes to prove that she and her team are a force to be reckoned with!

Starting at the early age of our, Logan competed in Quarter Midgets before quickly moving on to Go Karts. She halted her competitive driving to become a crew chief to learn the alterations, benefits and marketing strategies within the racing world alongside her father (Dennis Misuraca) and the Dirt Racing Team.

She became skilled in working on a 360 winged Sprint Car. She then moved on to becoming a promotional model, exposing her to many marketing and advertising events which allowed her to become very successful in giving exposure to other companies through her work.

She also ventured out into the competitive dance world and gained the knowledge of performance and projection, where she grew her skills in public speaking an associations.

She then came full full throttle back into stock car racing by powering an asphalt Legend car for the past two years.

Logan has recently joined forces with one of the best team in Florida, Lira Motorsports and Race Car Solutions where she’s been giving the opportunity to test and race in the Pro Late Model series in Florida.

Her next goal is to join the NASCAR diversity program and devote herself full time to racing and contributing to the racing community!